Kaleido Platform Software Releases

List of Kaleido Platform releases for self-hosted environments. All of the currently supported releases are available from the Kaleido JFrog artifactory repository to users who have the necessary entitlement.

Note: Before upgrading to a new release make a note of any specific upgrade steps or checks that are outlined for the releases since the version you are currently running.


Kaleido Platform v24.4.0

  • Release date: 12th April 2024
  • New features:
    • Support for Custom CAs in Access Manager
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue with requests and limits set on the contract manager compiler pod

Kaleido Platform v24.3.1

  • Release date: 3rd April, 2024
  • New features:
    • Proxy support for IPFS connections in Hyperledger FireFly services, contract compilations, and private messaging
    • GCP GKE installation instructions
  • New features that require manually enabling in the platform:
    • Deployment zone support for defining UI / API options for stateful runtime Kubernetes node affinity
    • Downloading logs from log-manager via the UI
    • Variables and secrets support for tasks within Asset indexing
    • Self-managed certificates UI option for private data manager when cert-manager integration is disabled
  • Fixes:
    • Adds exponential backoff retries to failed transaction submissions in transaction manager
    • Ensures probes are querying microservices when mTLS is enabled
    • Removes wildcard Kubernetes RBAC requirement for `assetplatform.kaleido.io` and `net.kaleido.io` custom resources
    • Ensures `podLabels`, `tolerations`, `securityContext`, and `serviceAccount` are provided to all pods (and containers) managed by the platform, including job pods and the operator itself
    • Fixes Azure encryption for large file secrets such as TLS certificates
    • Fixes PostgreSQL URL encoding
    • Adds CRD protections via `helm.sh/resource-policy`
    • Adds requests and limits to contract compiler
    • Various UI enhancements
    • Various operator reconciliation enhancements

Kaleido Platform v24.3.0

  • Release date: 9th March, 2024
  • New features:
    • Documentation provided for RedHat® OpenShift® installations
    • Option for self-managed x509 certificates for mTLS and private data manager
    • Option for disabling cert-manager integration within the operator config
    • Option for specifying cluster domain within an instance for service FQDNs
  • New features that require manually enabling in the platform
    • Optional log manager service to provide API and UI access to logs from various backend aggregation technologies
    • Option to specify anti-affinity rules for Hyperledger Besu nodes in the same network

Kaleido Platform v24.2.4

  • Release date: 29th February, 2024
  • New features:
    • Hyperledger Besu version upgraded from Besu 23.4.2 to Besu 24.3.0
    • Runtimes used to host Kaleido services now visible in the platform UI, and able to be resized based on requirements.
    • Ability to start and stop environments to reduce resource usage when services are not in use
  • Miscellaneous changes:
    • The platform instance CR now specifies a custom `fsGroup` for mounted volumes to be owned by
  • Upgrade notes:
    • If you are running a version of the Kaleido Platform earlier than v24.2.4 and followed the non-advanced installation guide, you will be using an instance CR specification that does not include the podSecurityContext setting. This will prevent some services, including Besu node services, from starting once the upgrade has taken place. Before doing the upgrade you must apply the new instance CR included in this version of the documentation (see Creating Platform Instances section of the documentation for more details), or manually add the podSecurityContext section with fsGroup: 1001 to your existing instance CR. This applies to all cloud service providers. Due to limitations with KinD clusters, the podSecurityContext section is not honored correctly for existing PVCs. For development environments using KinD you must create new Besu node services in your existing Besu network.

Kaleido Platform v24.2.3

  • Release date: 15th February, 2024
  • New features:
    • UI enhancements to provide Identity Provider management for accounts and for editing Asset Manager services

Kaleido Platform v24.2.2

  • Release date: 6th Feburary, 2024
  • Fixes for platform certificate and key management features

Kaleido Platform v24.2.1

  • Release date: 2nd February, 2024
  • Improvements to the platform's integration with Fireblocks wallets

Kaleido Platform v24.1.0

  • Release date: 26th January, 2024
  • New features:
    • Various enhancements to the Asset Manager service

Kaleido Platform v23.12.0

  • Release date: 21st December, 2023
  • New features:
    • Hyperledger Besu nodes now default to best-practice recommended settings for stable & performant permission chains

Kaleido Platform v23.11.3

  • Release date: 24th November, 2023
  • New features:
    • Hyperledger Besu networks use a default chain ID if no chain ID is provided
    • IPFS nodes use a default swarm ID if no swarm ID is provided

Kaleido Platform v23.11.2

  • Release date: 20th November, 2023
  • New features:
    • New Asset Manager service available in the platform provides asset modelling and indexing capabilities with task automation

Kaleido Platform v23.11.1

  • Release date: 9th November, 2023
  • New features:
    • PostGRES TLS enabled by default
    • New environments feature in the platform provides separation between different groups of platform services
    • Support for IPFS networks and nodes

Kaleido Platform v23.10.3

  • Release date: 25th October, 2023
  • New features:
    • Enhancements to the UI console for access control management and managing services
    • New documentation section provides detailed explanation of the platform's architecture and resource model
  • Bug fixes:
    • EVM gateway JSON/RPC endpoints can be accessed with a non-admin API key 
    • Block indexer service support for contract indexing
    • Kubernetes RBAC to allow non-cluster-admin roles to install the platform operator and create an instance of the platform

Kaleido Platform v23.10.2

  • Release date: 19th October, 2023
  • Various bug fixes

Kaleido Platform v23.10.1

  • Release date: 18th October, 2023
  • Various bug fixes

Kaleido Platform v23.10.0

  • Release date: 13th October, 2023
  • Initial release of the platform
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