Upgrade existing nodes to FireFly 1.2

To upgrade to FireFly 1.2, follow the steps below. Backup any private data on your existing FireFly 1.1 node(s).

  1. Delete your existing FireFly 1.1 node(s) (please note that private data will be reset however chain, identities, and data in IPFS remain available).

  2. Once the FireFly 1.1 node(s) are deleted, you will be able to upgrade your environment by clicking the “Upgrade” button on the dashboard.

  3. Create a new FireFly node, name it, and bind it to your existing blockchain node and IPFS runtime.
  4. Your FireFly node should now be created and ready once initialized.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team via the help center or Kaleido’s Discord. FireFly maintainers and contributors are also standing by in the FireFly channel on the Hyperledger Discord.

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