Wallet Options on Kaleido

Kaleido aims to give its users a wide range of options when it comes to where and how to manage the wallets and associated keys used to transact on your network.

These can be broken out into three buckets - Individual managed wallets, scalable wallets, and externally hosted wallets. The options below outline Kaleido's approaches to all three

Individual Wallets - Each node is automatically created with at least one "node wallet". This is an individual account created and stored on the node which can be used for signing transactions. These wallets are best used for testing/administrative tasks as we don't recommend creating numerous node wallets for different users.  

Scalable Wallet Solutions - HD wallets - These runtimes are some of the most simple and elegant, yet powerful features of the Kaleido platform. HD Wallets are runtimes provisioned in your environment that deterministically generate over 2 billion unique wallet address and key combinations. These runtimes can be deployed into your same Kaleido managed cloud environment and you can see examples under the usage page about how to sign a raw transaction, or more preferably, to use the REST API gateway to sign transactions with a wallet address from one of these runtimes

Externally Hosted Wallets - If you'd like to create the accounts and maintain the private keys on your side but still use them to sign transactions through the REST API gateway you could set up a Cloud HSM connection to wherever you're storing your keys (such as AWS KMS, Azure Key Vault, Hashicorp, Fireblocks). These features are only available on the Enterprise tier, so please reach out to Kaleido support by emailing us at support@kaleido.io if you'd like to explore how to enable this option for your Kaleido environment.

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