Adding users to an OIDC Enabled Organization

Kaleido provides easy integration with an organization's chosen OIDC compliant SSO provider for simple Enterprise Login.

Once an organization has enabled enterprise login, all new users added to that organization will need to be added to both the Kaleido org and to the enterprise's list of users. The flow for this is outlined below:
- The owner or an admin of the Kaleido organization logs into the Kaleido Management console and adds the user with the proper role to the organization

- The user must independently have a Kaleido account with the email used in the step above. To create an account follow these instructions

- Enterprise SSO Administrator then adds this user to the OIDC Group in your provider

- Provide the user with the organization alias (provided to you at the configuration of your OIDC login) and have them select "Enterprise Login" on the Kaleido login screen

- This will redirect the user to the Enterprise's SSO login and once authenticated successfully will redirect them back to Kaleido. They can change orgs by clicking on their org in the top right corner of the Kaleido console

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