Am I able to backup my blockchain environment?

Yes, Kaleido provides two options to backup your environment.

These are referred to as backup v1 and backup v2 and each plays an important role in generating complete backups for the data on your Kaleido environment.
Backup v1: This backup configuration allows you to call an API to backup your nodes at any time.  This backs up the full node contents each time the process runs and is best used to backup information such as key material (whether that is node accounts or HD wallet runtime key secrets). It's best to do a node reset (can be done programmatically) before taking this backup to ensure that any information stored on disk is flushed to storage and therefore captured in the backup.
Backup v2: This is an incremental backup configuration where you can choose to have it automatically take backups on 1,2,4, or 6 hour increments. This backup configuration will use your system monitor node, meaning that while the backup is running the Kaleido console will not be complete (since the system monitor node supplies a lot of the information necessary). This will result in shorter periods of the process running since it just takes a backup from the last incremental block where the previous backup stopped.

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