How do I authenticate to my Kaleido environment when trying to post transactions programmatically?

Kaleido has multiple options when it comes to authenticating transactions programmatically.

When submitting transactions through our Platform API Surface (those found at you'll generally need to pass in an API key as a bearer token to the call. Each API call in the documentation indicates which type of authentication is used. In the case of a multi-org network you'll need to ensure that the API key being used is scoped to the org which owns the resource being called. API keys can be generated through console by following these direction. You can properly scope an API key by selecting the org drop down at the time the key is generated.

When authenticating to a node endpoint or interacting with the API surface generated from a smart contract, users should use Kaleido-generated App Credentials to authenticate using basic auth.

There is also support for a more sophisticated OAuth enabled flow that will allow users to login to your existing OIDC system of record (e.g. Okta) and authenticate to Kaleido with a generated JWT. You can read more about this feature in our Blockchain Application Firewall documentation.

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