Does Kaleido support nodes on public Ethereum chains?

Kaleido enables a wide range of options for both private and public network connectivity. Users can take advantage of our easy button solutions to create a private, permissioned blockchain through our self-service platform or could reach out to us to inquire about our dedicated offerings and Enterprise RPC access to public networks such as Mainnet Ethereum and Public POS Polygon. Additional public network offerings are being added regularly.

Through the Kaleido console, users can create their own private Ethereum, Fabric, or Corda network. Within the Ethereum family, we provide click button solutions for private Geth, Quorum, Besu, or Polygon Edge networks, with support for Polygon Supernets coming soon! These are the main type of blockchains used by businesses, governments, and other institutions for decentralized business networks. These are separate from public blockchains. As a result, tokens or other types of digital assets launched on private Kaleido based blockchain networks are not going to be part of the ecosystems based on public blockchains.

Additionally, users can also make use of hosted Hyperledger FireFly nodes through the Kaleido platform to connect to their managed Ethereum or Fabric networks.  While these nodes can't directly connect to public chains through the platform yet, users could either self host a FireFly node and connect it to a public chain or utilize one of Kaleido's dedicated Digital Assets, Mass Scale NFT, or Consortium as a Service offerings which enable hosted FireFly Enterprise capabilities to connect to any of our enabled public EVM chains. 

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